Joint project “ADR development: Ukraine on its way to European Union”

Today Ukrainian society is facing with the new vision of rule of law and interpersonal relationships during the integration in the EU and a Genuine European Area of Justice. The level of Ukrainian society's trust in the judicial system as a mechanism for resolving legal disputes confirmed by sociological research is the basis for the extremely necessity of the ADR development in Ukraine. The prerequisite is its wide
acceptance by European society as an efficient way of resolving disputes, which is most relevant to conduct a comprehensive interdisciplinary dialogue and research in order to find the most effective models for both internal disputes and cross-border disputes.

Having this in regard, EELRC starts a unique research activity to support reforms in justice and to facilitate the development of out-of-court dispute resolution, titled “ADR development: Ukraine on its way to European Union”.

This Study offers for the following:
1) to gather information of more than 750 schemes accumulated by the EU in the field of ADR, the best one of which Ukraine should implement appropriately for internal disputes;
2) to exchange of practices and, in particular, looking for the relevant optimal models for resolving external, cross-border, disputes that arise with the participation of social relations within the DCFTA;
3) to promote the European integration process in Ukraine within cooperation between partner institutions from the EU and Ukraine.

This Study offers interdisciplinary research with the participation of Law, Psychology and Sociology scholars and with the support of European scholar community. The best experience of EU ADR with the attention to the national features and traditional approaches to the public and private justice give us a unique opportunity to contribute to rule of law and rights` protection.

Let`s make our rights more protected all together!